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Your Joy May Be Full


It’s spring break here, yet I think our winter break in December was milder than this week.  I don’t know about you, but spring is a struggle for me, especially when winter lingers on into the next season.  I don’t mind the cold and snow in the winter months, but as March rolls into April there is an anticipation of warmer days ahead.  The days are longer, the robins are back, surely we can shed our hats and scarves.  The forecast for April 1st is high of 35.  That sure is some joke.

The cold presses on and the hope of not freezing dwindles.  It’s easy to just huddle under a blanket to grumble and complain.  Look out the window at the bright sun and blue sky, oh how lovely it looks, yet you know you’re being taunted.  Open the door and the polar vortex slaps you in the face.  Back to the blanket.  Will try to come out again in May.

Well that’s not how we are to live.  The Lord says not to complain after all, even in the small things like the weather.  What are we to do though?  Pull ourselves up by the boot straps and fake being happy?  No.  Happiness is an emotion that’s fleeting in my opinion.  But there is a thing called joy.  Joy is better than happiness because it can be present even in the midst of sorrow.  Unlike happiness, that is dependent on things going well or not, joy remains no matter what.

Where can I acquire this joy, so that I can feel okay, even when things aren’t going my way?  The other day I read, “These things I have spoken to you that my joy in you may be complete, and that your joy may be full.” John 15:11  Ohh that sounds nice.  Like a warm spring day.  Our joy, the kind that is a constant, comes from God, or more specifically from Jesus.  Earlier in John 15 Jesus talks about us abiding in Him, that is we remain close to him, and He abides in us.  Through that He fills us with His love and joy.  It takes our eyes off of the conditions surrounding us and lifts us up because we keep our eyes on Him.

I don’t know about you, but that warms my heart and helps subside my frustration with the stubbornness of spring.  Side note:  I know the image in this post says “Be Happy.” Honestly it was the flowers that I liked the most.  But I think the key to “being happy” comes from having joy.  I just wanted to share this little encouragement but would love to hear from you too.  When you’re feeling down what brings you joy?

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