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Get Moving Monday


There’s something about elevating my heart rate and endorphins that makes me want to work it into my routine as often as possible.  I’m not a sports science expert or the best athlete but after completing a workout I feel accomplished and healthy.  Throw in some fresh air and foot pumping music and you got a perfect recipe for sweating away the stresses.  It all started in high school where I ran cross country and track. Running has been my main form of exercise over the years and I’ve completed many 5k’s, and several half marathons, trail runs, and adventure runs.  Before kids I also had a gym membership and rotated my time between weight lifting, treadmill runs, and the exercise bike.

The gym membership was the first thing to go after my first son was born and I stopped working.  Surprisingly though I have been able to keep up my fitness level without going to the gym.  A jog stroller has been my saving grace when the weather is nice.  I easily strap my baby in, put on some tunes and away we go.  It is a perfect way to multitask too, I get my workout in while baby gets lulled into a nap.  Colder months are a little bit trickier though as I’m not about to take my kids out in the elements.

At-home Workouts

At first I thought I’d be relegated to our exercise bike and same ‘ol workout DVD’s during the dirges of old man winter.  It’s during this time that I’ve expanded my daily dozen repertoire into weight training, HIIT/bootcamp style regimens and cardio.  Thanks to YouTube, Pinterest and other web-sites exercise options are in endless supply.  To be honest since having my 3rd baby I feel a lot stronger and more toned than ever before doing by doing these videos and routines.  (The baby weight was harder to lose, but that’s another story.)  I also feel like I have a lot more endurance when I go for runs now.

I think these fitness resources are too good not to share with you.  It is very much possible to get in shape without paying money for a gym or  personal trainer.  Each Monday I’m going to share with you a fave fitness routine or web-site I liked to give you inspiration to get moving.  Often times Monday’s are a reset day for me to get back into motion and eating healthy.  Sometimes I get to be a weekend warrior and get in a good workout, but other times Saturdays and Sundays are busy with activities, family events or eating out.  I hope to these posts give me a boost to break up a sweat as much as it does for you.  If you don’t get to exercising on Monday, that’s okay.  Find a day that works for you to fit in the workout.

Get Up And Go!

I’d like to launch Get Moving Monday with my favorite fitness web-site Jessica Smith TV.  If you go to her web-site you’ll find a wide array of workout options including, cardio, barre, HIIT, strength training and yoga.  She has things for all fitness levels. There are workouts for beginners, exercises for knee and back problems, low impact routines and mega heart thumping dripping sweat sessions.  I love how she talks you through each video too.  She’s very encouraging, down to earth, and easy to follow along.  If you’re looking for a good starting point click  here, here, and here, these are my tried and true my favorites.  The website also has programs you can join if you’d like additional coaching or accountability.

Working out at home does take more self-discipline.  I have to admit there are times I miss the social aspect of going somewhere, or just getting out the house, however I love the flexibility of exercising in on my own at home.  I can workout during naptime and other days I have a little one tugging on me as I’m running around.  It is a fun activity to get the kids involved with too as it teaches them about living a healthy lifestyle and helps them burn off energy.

Be sure to check back each Monday if you’re in need of a fitness pick-me up!  I’d love to hear how the exercising goes for you.

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