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5 Minute Make-Up for Busy Moms

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Is it possible to have a quick and easy make-up routine as a busy mom?  Is it possible to find budget friendly beauty products that get the job done?  I say yes!  Keep reading to find out how.

I like to wear make-up.  I know I don’t need to wear it to feel pretty or have self-value.  I simply enjoy playing around with different palettes and I feel more put together on days I have it on.  Before kids my schedule allowed me to have time to wear as much or as little as I wanted.  After having kids I had to make adjustments to my routine.  Honestly having to figure out a different routine, which really meant a quick one, took me by surprise when I became a parent.  I suppose I assumed I’d have time to get ready for the day while the baby napped.  Throw in factors like being too tired, or the reality that what a mom sets out to do doesn’t always happen, I knew my pre baby make-up regimen needed to change.

With a little research on different products and a little bit of letting go, I was able to come up with an easy routine that wasn’t time consuming and if met with interruption I could easily drop what I was doing, tend to the thing at hand and quickly go back and finish up putting on my face.

The biggest help for me was finding multi-tasking products that took care of multiple steps in one.  Today I’m going to share with you my favorite make-up products that are quick and easy.  In five minutes or less you can get all dolled up and be on your way.


In my pre-baby days I used to use concealer, foundation and powder.  No time for that anymore!  I found two types of all-in-one make-up items that reduced steps down into one, powder foundation and mineral foundation.  These two products evens out my skin-tone, covers blemishes, and gives a matte finish.

Powder Foundation

My favorite brand for powder foundation is Cover Girl Clean Powder Foundation.  It covers like a liquid and goes on like a powder.  The make-up itself comes in a compact and is applied with a sponge.  It goes on light and doesn’t feel heavy or cakey, but gives me good coverage.  Some days I only apply the foundation to have even skin tone and still look good, other days I will apply blush or bronzer.  This brand is also made for sensitive skin, which I have.  I have not had any issues with rashes or breakouts.

Mineral Foundation

My other go-to foundation is Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder.  Like the powder foundation this also provides full coverage like a foundation and blendability of a powder.  It goes on in one quick step with a make-up brush.  The mineral foundation is also made for sensitive skin.  Do you see a trend? I have sensitive skin, but have not had any issues with this product either.

With both the powder and mineral foundation you basically apply it all over your face with the applicator.  I do take time to blend out any areas that look a little blotchy.  Overall though they are quick and easy to put on and last all day.

Blush and Contour

Since I have rather pale skin I like to use blush and contour my face for added color and definition.  To save time from pillaging through my make-up bag for three different compacts I like to use a pallette that has all three items in one spot.  My favorite product is Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Contour Kit. The thing with using both a blush and highlighter is blendability.  These are gel based making it easy to blend the colors together and also makes it last longer.

Now you may be thinking that using blush and contour are added steps in a make-up routine which doesn’t save time.  There are days I don’t put color on my face, but for the days I do it really does not add that much more time to my regimen.  I just sweep the blush on my cheek bones.  Then  then I apply the contour on my face in a ‘3’ shape. I swipe two half moon shapes from the top of my forehead to cheekbone, and then from the cheekbone to the jawline.  Then I add a little bit on my nose and blend all together with my fingertips.


Eye make-up was one of my things to play around with before kids. There were so many options for different looks with eye-shadow, liner, and mascara.  Of all the steps in my make-up routine this was the most time-consuming.  After kids I mostly just wear one or two shades of eye-shadow and mascara to save time for a basic look.  I still like to play it-up for special occasions though.


I had quite the collection of eye shadow duos and trios so I could have variety in creating a smokey or cat eye.  Thank goodness they now make bigger eye shadow palettes.  I don’t have to dig around my make-up bag for different colors.  These days I don’t wear multiple shades of shadow either, I found wearing one neutral color on my eyelid makes a big difference.  Still I like to have choices because I might be inspired to wear something a bit more if my schedule allows.  I love the variety of shades in L’Oreal® Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude Eye Shadow. The hues are pretty and pigmented, there are some matte and pretty shimmery shades and the colors stay on all day.  Most days I pick the lighter shades.  Lighter shadow makes your eyes look less tired, and sleepy looking eyes is something I have regularly.  On the days I take more time for make-up I have alot of choices at my finger-tips.


Mascara is a great way to brighten up your eyes and is usually effortless to put on.  Taking it off is another story, in my experience.  I don’t know about you but it seems like with all of the volumizing fibers of this and that in mascara these days I need an ice scraper to get it off at night.  I’ve found a great mascara that not only makes my lashes fuller and plumper but also is easy to wash off at night.  My favorite product is L’Oréal® Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise.  I found that it doesn’t clump or flake and it goes on smoothly.  According many make-up experts this stuff is just as good as the expensive Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, which is highly coveted.

Quick Make-up Routine

To summarize my quick daily make-up routine I do the following:

  • Powder foundation
  • Blush (contour optional)
  • 1 shade of eyeshadow
  • Mascara

This routine literally takes less than 5 minutes.  It’s basically apply and go and you’ll look great.

A great  time saver at the end of the day for washing your face are are cleanser wipes.  Just opening up a pack and pulling out a wipe is great.  I don’t know there’s just something about pulling out a wash cloth and a bottle of cleanser that just feels like too much work when it’s 10 pm and I just want to go to bed.

So if you’re looking for an easy make-up routine I hope this gives you some ideas.  All of the products included in this post are easy on the pocket-book too.  I have tried many other brands but these are my favorite.  I used to use brands like Clinique and MAC and love their quality but not the price.  I still want good quality from the drugstore and found these were the best for my needs.  If you have other products you love feel free to leave a comment.  Also I would love to hear your feedback on trying out this routine.

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