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Break A Sweat With Interval Walking

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Get Moving Monday With Interval Walking

Are you looking for something to do that gets your heart pumping but gentle on your body?  Perhaps you’re a postpartum mama that is ready to get moving and has baby in tow but you’re body is not quite ready to pound the pavement.  Now that spring has sprung there’s nothing better or easier than getting out for a walk.  This week’s installment of Get Moving Monday focuses on interval walking. This type of exercise is the perfect workout for us moms who want to feel like we’re pushing ourselves without feeling like we’re pushing ourselves.

Did you know you can get in a great workout with just walking?  If you walk at a moderate pace for 30 minutes you can burn between 100-125 calories, at a fast pace you can burn between 185-245 calories.  If you mix up these speeds over the course of 30 minutes you’ll burn even more.  In addition to the extra shred you will also build up muscle and get toned faster than with regular walking.

There are days I want to get in a good workout but I’m feeling tired or need to recover after strenuous exercise.  In my postpartum days I wasn’t always up for pushing a stroller at a running pace  (and couldn’t when baby was under 6 months) but wanted to tone up.  The following interval walking routines are my favorite and always  come to the rescue!  The first walk is intended to be done without a stroller. The other walk includes a stroller. Both could be done either way.

Interval walk without a stroller:

  • 5-minute warm-up walk, steady pace with strong arm pumping
  • 2-minute fast walk, faster pace to get your heart rate up
  • 5-minute faster walk, getting up to your walking speed limit; you should have trouble speaking in sentences
  • 2-minute super-fast walking, as fast as you can without running
  • 5-minute faster walk
  • 2-minute super-fast walk
  • 5-minute faster walk
  • 2-minute super-fast walk
  • 2-minute cool down, gradually slowing down to a stop

I found this routine on Uber Walker.  This web-site also offers a lot of other walking workouts for all levels, fitness tools and  walking programs.

Interval Walk With a Stroller:

  • Walk easy for 5-10 minutes (RPE 2)
  • Spend 5 minutes increasing your speed as you walk
  • Walk quickly (increase your RPE) for 2 minutes, then walk easier for 1 minute. Repeat up to 5 times.
  • Ease into a moderate pace (RPE 5) for 10-20 minutes.
  • Walk easy (RPE 2) for another 5 minutes, and stretch.

I found this stroller walk on Spright.  There are also a lot of useful tips on how to walk with a stroller like form and technique.  If you’re up for an extra challenge there is also a routine for walking on a hilly course.

So there you have it, two interval walks to try out.  If you also looking for other reasons to walk just think of all of the health benefit you gain from trekking about.  It’s a great way to improve your cardiovascular system and circulation.  If you’re just starting out in the world of exercise walking is a good place to begin, you can start at a pace that is comfortable for you, it’s not usually hard on the joints and you can still get the same benefits from other types of cardio.

I hope these ideas help you get up and going without feeling like a panting dog on a hot summer day in the process.  Let me know if you tried it, I’d love to hear how it went!  For other fitness ideas check out my other Get Moving Monday posts here and here.







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      Yes it is very important. Easy to overlook when we’re taking care of so many things and people. That’s why I love walking, it’s so easy to incorporate into my day.