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Multi Tasking Exercise-Workout With Housework

Do you ever feel like you have more to bite off than you can chew come Monday? The house is a disaster after the weekend. Things need to be organized for the week. A trip to the grocery store is in order. Oh yeah, and you’d like to get a workout in, especially after overindulging over the last few days. Well, I feel this way most Mondays.
I’m usually pretty good about getting exercise and eating healthy during the work week but am not afraid to let things slide on Saturday or Sunday. Once the weekend is over though I am setting the reset button come Monday. But the first day of the week is usually the busiest. How do you fit it all in? Through multi-tasking! When I have a million things to do I like to incorporate my workout routine with housework. For this week’s Get Moving Monday I’ll share with you how to squeeze in exercise while putting the house back in order.

exercise while you clean

Housework Workout–Multi-tasking Exercise

For this workout you will need:

  • Workout routine
  • Messy House
  • Good Music

Pick The Workout

The first thing I like to do is find a workout regimen from my Pinterest page.  For this post, I’ll use this one.   Depending on what I need to complete my chores I may pick a workout of varying lengths.  You can use this, or find your own at home workout with a simple google or Pinterest search.

Pick the Housework

Today I need to pick up in each room, sort laundry and do the dishes. I picked this routine because it’s broken up into three sections and I divide my housework up according to those parts.

Crank Up The Tunes

I log into Pandora to my “I Love To Exercise” station. For the first song or two, depending on what I’m up for, I jog or walk in place to get warmed up.  After I’m warmed up I start my workout.

The Workout

For the next several songs I run around the house picking things up and putting them away. When things are picked up I stop cleaning and do the first round of moves in the sequence.

Then I move onto phase two. While sorting laundry I jog in place and run each load in baskets to the laundry room. At my house, this requires me to make trips up and down the stair several times. It’s a great way to break a sweat.  Once laundry is completed I do the 2nd round of exercises.

After this, I head to the kitchen to wash dishes and empty the dishwasher.  For this part I march in place, then it’s time to move onto the third and final stage of the exercise routine.  I slow it down and either march or walk in place to one last song.  That’s it, my house is put back in order and I got in my workout for the day!  Multi-tasking at it’s best.

You can vary the workout according to your personal preference.  Some days I want just simple movement and I just jog in place while cleaning and skip to routines.  Other times I incorporate my own squats or lunges with the work, like lunge walking while vacuuming or squats while washing dishes.

I hope this inspires to get up and go this Monday while also being productive.  For other ideas check-out my other workout ideas here or here.

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  • Sarah

    This is such a great idea! I often consider my housework as exercise in and of itself but I love the idea of adding an actual workout in between chores. What a great way to accomplish two important things at one time!

  • admin

    Yes, housework is great exercise! Today while vacuuming I actually switched arms to make sure I was getting equal reps on both arms ha ha! Any way I guess it was thoughts like that, along with wearing clothes I get sweaty in that I might as well exercise at the same time. Hope you like it if you try it. And thanks for the comment!!

  • Amanda Bradley

    I absolutely love this!! Juggling things is so tough so I really appreciate anything I can do to multitask, especially when it involves housework. Thanks so much for sharing this!!