5 Minute Summer Beauty Routine For Busy Moms
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5 Minute Summer Beauty Routine For Busy Moms

Spring has finally come out of hibernation (I think at least) and temperatures are starting to climb.  That means summer is just right around the corner.  Do you feel the need to summer proof your beauty routine?  The humidity and hot temps can easily melt away all your hard work.  Plus with kids being off of school who has time to put on a full face when you’re pulled in a million directions.  You don’t have to sacrifice beauty though.  Keep reading to learn more about a 5 Minute summer beauty routine for busy moms.

5 Minute Summer Beauty Routine For Busy Moms

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5 Minute Summer Beauty Routine

With the warmer weather comes higher frequency being outdoors, which means more sun exposure and sweat.  For us busy moms that play outside or go swimming our face probably sees more dirt, sand and chlorine too.  According to Web MD, David Colbert, MD, founder of New York Dermatology Group, “People tend to subject their skin to more damage in warm weather.”  Personally I think it’s worth it seeing my skin goes iinto hiding for 6 months out of the year with Wisconsin winters, it needs to live a little the other half of the year.  Still keeping it healthy is important so it’s essential to wear sun screen and use products that don’t gunk up my pores or weigh heavily on my complexion.

Night Time Routine

To keep things easy in the morning I usually do more the night before.  Night time skin care is necessary to wash away the grime and oil that collected through out the day.  I keep my  routine fairly easy though with a simple wash and moisturizer.

When it comes to products according to Gervaise Gerstner, M.D., consulting dermatologist for L’Oréal Paris on www.Shape.com. “In the summer products should have some sort of de-greasing effect—especially at night, when you’re left with a day’s worth of buildup.”  Switching to a gentle foaming formula is recommended. I like to use CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser I find it cuts out that greasy feel after washing and my skin feels soft.  The big bottle is priced nice and lasts a long time.

Many dermatologists recommend using a serum with anitioxidants, such as Vitamin C.  UV rays creates free radicals but the serums can block them, according to WebMD.  After washing I apply 40 Carrots Vitamin C Serum.  I actually get it at Marshall’s for $5.99 instead of other major retailers where it can cost between $12-$15.  (By the way you should check out the steals at Marshall’s when it comes to beauty products.)  In the summer you don’t want to over moisturize and most nights my skin is just fine with just the wash and serum.  If it’s feeling a little bit dry, especially after a day at the pool, I will use my standard Pond’s Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream .

Now your skin is ready for bed and perfectly prepped for the next day.

Morning Routine

Splash Water on face.  Apply sunscreen. 5 minute beauty routine for busy moms is done.

Seriously you could leave it at that and be done under 5 minutes if you want.

You could do a little bit more if you preferred but still beautiful in 5.  Before we go over those other steps though, let’s talk about sunscreen, the number one thing to have in the summer.  You probably hear it all the time not to forget sunscreen.  Sunscreen blocks out harmful rays, prevents premature aging, lowers risks to skin cancer and prevents sunburn states American Academy of Dermatology.  They also state that 90% of all signs of premature aging stems from sun exposure.  As you can see for health and vanity reasons, sunscreen is a must.

What type of sunscreen is best for your face?  This article from from Dermstore has some great tips.  The main takeaways are look for something with SPF 20-50.  With a wide array of products pick one that is best for your skin.  Companies make SPF lines for sensitive, acne prone, oily skin and so on. Check ingredients to make sure it has UVA and UVB broadspectrum blocking qualities.  Choose products that streamline your beauty routine with multi-tasking products, which is what I do.

Now back to the morning summer beauty routine.

After throwing some cold water on my face I like to spritz on my apple cider vinegar toner.  For me I feel like it just cuts down my oiliness.  For the recipe and another great facial idea check out my post here.

Then I put on like to put on my favorite all in product that takes care of sun protection, moisturizing and make-up steps: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector Spf 20.  As the product states it provides full sun coverage, evens skin tone, and has some anti-aging perks too.  I find it to be light and not greasy, which is perfect for summer.

For a little extra oomph I also will sweep e.l.f. Essential All Over Color Stick  on my cheeks and eye lids for a dewy look and a coat of mascara.  And that’s it!  Face is protected, skin can breathe and you’re ready to go for the day.

For days when I don’t wear make-up I like to just put on Olay Complete, UV Protective Moisture Lotion.  Back in the day I used to work in farm fields and wore this, never got burnt.

Summer Hair Don’t Care

The thing I love about summer is the ease of things.  No heavy coats or layers to put on.  No snow to trudge through.  No having to style hair everyday.  Frankly with tropical conditions who wants to feel dampness on the back of the neck?  Plus humidity is a killer on curls.  Ponytails, messy buns, and twistie do’s are the way to go.   Throwing locks up or out of the face is quick and simply.

If you’re looking for some cute ideas to change things up, I love these hair tutorials.  I find them to be very doable with a little practice, but the videos are very informative and easy to follow.

It’s a good idea to change things up with the types of products you use in the summer months too.  I won’t go into specifics because everybody has different hair types.  Overall though between sun, heat, chlorine and salt water hair can get dry and frizzy.  Dermstore.com recommends using products with moisturizing elements to tame frizz and quench dryness.  Hair oils also are great for tresses as they provide a protective barrier between strands and outdoor elements.  Air drying also helps keep your mane healthy.

5 minute Beauty Routine for busy moms

As they sing in “Porgy and Bess,”

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy….One of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singing, And you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky.

5 minute summer beauty routine for busy moms you’ll be able to get up and fly!  Singing is optional.

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