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How to Shop For School Supplies Without Leaving Home

Yes You Can Get Your Class Specific Lists And Stay In Your Pajamas!

Ahh it’s already August! Soon enough kids will be heading back to school so that means it’s time to get them ready.

Does school supply shopping seem like a chore?  You get your list, walk up and down the isles looking for the specific things.  Have to get your way around other people looking for the same things.  Maybe the store is out items.  Add in having to get supplies for multiple kids and a shopping cart with a screaming toddler. Sounds like a walk in the park right?  Mmmm, no.

school supply shopping

School List Assist From Target

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Forget all of hassle that comes with back to school shopping and shop for school supplies without leaving home.  How? With School List Assist from Target.

Plus with many states offering Sales Tax Free Week, now is the time to get in on the extra savings too!  Check-out the participating states here.  Wisconsin’s tax free starts today!

In three easy steps get what you need right at your finger tips.  Target lays it all out for you!

Three Easy Steps

  1. Pick Your Delivery Method–Free 2 day delivery or in store pick-up.
  2. Find Your School’s List–Type in your zip code, find your child’s class and then the list will be matched to items available to purchase.
  3. Add Items To Your Cart–Pick and choose the supplies you want to order and check-out.


DONE!  And that’s you how you shop for school supplies without leaving your home.  How snazzy is that?

Be sure to check out Target’s School List Assist so you can get ready for school but get back to enjoying what’s left of summer.






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