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Super Simple Series-Cut the Kitchen Clutter With Simple Spaces

Ahh yes, the heart of the home, the kitchen!  It’s where all of the action is, including the messes.  Not just dirty dishes and food.  I’m talking about coats, books, charging devices, homework, shoes, toys, mail, mud, sticks. You know everybody’s “treasures.”  It ends up on the floor, under the table, on the counters. Can you relate?  To keep you from feeling like the walls are caving in on you from the all the junk we’re going to explore setting up spaces within your kitchen. Cut the kitchen clutter with simple spaces so it all has a place to go!

Why Does My Kitchen Have To Be A Dumping Ground For Everything?

clear the clutter from your kitchen

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Cut The Kitchen Clutter

Let’s address the dumping ground issue in the kitchen.  Ever notice how things pile up?  I can’t prevent things from coming into the house so the cureall for that is to have a place to put everything.

If your kitchen is like mine it’s the first room people walk into when coming in from the garage.  We usually have our coats, backpacks, sports gear, and whatever else we carry in from the car.  In a perfect world we’d nicely put everything in its place upon entering the house.  Instead, it just gets dropped.  Or a trail of junk gets dropped, following the person out of the room.

The kitchen is also where my kids congregate to do homework, make arts and crafts, and leave their toys.  We do have a playroom and office for that, but well, you know how it goes.

As mentioned earlier I find one way to cut down on all of the kitchen clutter is to give my family easy access to spaces within the kitchen where they can dump things and do things.  These are the simple spaces.  Below are spaces I’ve set up in the kitchen to give you some ideas of what you can do for your kitchen.

Simple Spaces

Here are some areas that can be incorporated into your kitchen to cut the clutter.  If you don’t have things on hand to set things up I advise to shop your home first to see what can be rearranged.  If you don’t have anything on hand to use I’ve included some links to affordable items.  Also don’t forget thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist!

Central Command Center

central command center

I like the idea of having a one-stop place to keep school papers and mail, to charge and store electronic devices, and an area to complete homework that is not on my counters.  We have a “central command center” that does all of that.  To make this simple space I use a small desk for the lab top, mail sorter, and a charging station.  On the wall I hung a basket to store school documents and a board with clips to hang kids artwork.

If you don’t have a spot like this but would like to create one there are a lot of ideas out on Pinterest.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot to put it together either.  Take a look around with what you have.  Do you have an area of the kitchen with a built-in counter or a small table that could be put in a corner?  I got a console table off of craigslist and repainted it.

I also found organizational items at on Amazon for rather cheap.  Here are some similar ideas that you can use to organize your devices and sort mail, and organize papers:

Mail and File Desk Organizer

Wall Mounted Handmade Reclaimed Barnwood Paper Sorter

Charging Stations for Multiple Devices

Picture Display Wall Hanging 

Space for Coats, Bags, And Shoes

We don’t have a mudroom or entryway to hang stuff up when coming in from outside.  Until I set this next space up coats just got draped over chairs and shoes were scattered around the floor.

Our garage is attached to the house so I thought there’s no reason why we can’t use the area by the door for people to put things before entering the house.  I put some carpet squares down on the floor in front of the door.  I also hung up coat hooks on the wall and put a shoe shelf on the floor.  For the most part we all do a good job of putting our stuff away in the concocted mudroom.  There are times things just get dumped out there, but at least it’s not taking up space in the kitchen.

simple spaces for coats and shoes

If you don’t have a set-up like this that is okay.  There are some other space saving ideas.  You could get an Over The Door Coat Rack  or a
Entryway Coat Rack  to hang coats and store shoes on a compact shoe rack like these shoe shelves.

Toy Dumping Bin

I don’t know how, maybe toys just walk by themselves, but it always seems like play things get left in the kitchen all day long.  I clear the counters and floor to make dinner and somehow there’s a new collection taking up residence within 5 minutes of being picked up.  I get tired of telling my kids to keep toys they are not playing with out of the kitchen or walking the toys to their correct spots.

To cut down on both of those problems I keep a basket in the kitchen to dump things into as I am cleaning up. At some point during the day I either have my kids get their stuff out of the bin or I clean it out myself.  It saves me a lot of time to just toss whatever in there.

toy dump bin

Infamous Junk Drawer

I’m a big believer in junk drawers.  There always seems to be stuff that is worth keeping but doesn’t quite fit to have a place of its own.  I like to keep small tools within easy reach instead of going down to the workbench.  I don’t need to have a whole area dedicated to office supplies but it’s nice to have a paperclip or rubber band on hand.  Then there is the random lost button,  plastic toy piece or extra shoelace that might come in handy someday.  Put is in the junk drawer!

If you have stuff like this strewn about here and there throughout your kitchen condense it into a junk drawer.  If you don’t have a drawer to spare a Storage Bin Shoe Box is a great alternative.

junk drawer

A place for everything and everything in its place.  I hope these ideas give you some inspiration to help you cut the kitchen clutter.  I know since I’ve set these simple spaces up, the kitchen dump may have not stopped, but it keeps my kitchen from looking less dumpy.

If you’re looking for other ideas to simplify the kitchen check out these posts from the Super Simple Series:  Simple Routines and Simple Meal Planning.

Stay tuned as we head to the living area/play area in the next installment of the Super Simple Series.

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