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Super Simple Series–Simple Toy Storage Solutions

Toys, toys everywhere!  They overtake the house like flies on food at a picnic.  Then there is the whole issue of cleaning up, either you performing the task or getting the kids to pitch in.  Do you find yourself in this struggle?  In today’s installment of the Super Simple Series, I’m going to discuss simple toy storage solutions.  Whether you have a dedicated playroom or keep toys out in the common living area these ideas will help you with simple storage and make picking up easy.

simple toy storage solutions

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Are you busting at the seams with toys?

If you’ve been following along with this Super Simple Series we’ve been focusing on simplifying life in the kitchen.  Today we’re going to move into the playroom or common living area and talk about toys.

It seems like moms have a love-hate relationship with toys.  They are great for educating and entertaining our kids.  They help keep children off of screen time.  They develop imaginations.  They keep kids occupied.  But they sure clutter up the house!

From little trinkets to large objects they all need a place to go, but where?

My solution…BINS!

Simple Toy Storage Solutions

I simply love bins.  They help organize all the playthings.  You can separate different types of toys into different containers.  Kids can easily access their stuff by pulling them out.  Clean-up is a breeze by simply tossing stuff back into the bins.  They are also a decorative way to keep toys out of sight when not in use.

Here are some ways I’ve used bins to cut down on clutter and keep everything together.

Living Room/Family Room

I recently made over our living room.  You can read all about my $100 makeover here.  I wanted my new space to be more of a grown-up area and less of a kid zone since we have a playroom and the kids are old enough to play there “mostly” unsupervised.   The toybox and other toys were not part of the design plan.

Still, seeing I have a two-year-old I did need to keep a few things in that room for her.  I found some great bins that matched my color scheme that could keep her toys hidden on a shelf.

I don’t mind having toys out in our family room as much as the formal living room.  I wanted to keep items in something that didn’t scream toy room though.  Cube shelf and bins to the rescue! This is a great multi-tasking piece of furniture as it provides a space for both books and toys.

We also use the toy box as a coffee table in the family room.  Toy boxes are great for large objects that don’t quite fit on a shelf or take up space in a closet.

If you don’t have a playroom, toy boxes and cube shelves are a great way to store everything without making the room look like a kids-only area.  It is possible to create a shared area for the whole family.

We didn’t have a playroom in our old house and had to use the living room as the family, entertaining, and play space.  These furniture items greatly helped me feel like my kids could have a place to play while I could feel like I have my grown-up space.

When company comes over, or at the end of the day, the picking-up process is quick.  Everything just goes into the bin it came in.

Containers are great for teaching kids how to clean up after themselves, especially for younger ones.  My toddler knows how to pick up after herself when told to put her toys in a specific bin.

Kids Bedrooms

As much as my kids play in their dedicated playroom, they also like to play in their own rooms or other parts of the house.  To make it easy for them to get their toys and clean-up they each have a bin system in their rooms.

My kids will pull out a box and take it with them to the room they want to play in.  Not always easy to get them to actually clean-up, but once they do, pick up is quick because they just throw everything into the bin and take it back to their room.

Toyrooms/Play Area

If you do have a separate area for kids to congregate bins are a great way to keep toys organized.  You can keep cars in one, Legoes in another, puzzles in another and so on.

If you like to rotate out toys like me, individual containers help make the process easy.  You can simply pull out new bins and put old ones away in storage without fumbling multiple objects.

simple toy storage solutions

Simple Toy Management

Even with the best of intentions, it seems like my house accumulates too many toys.  As parents, we try not to spoil our kids but it still seems like we still have too much stuff! Do you encounter this too?

It’s bound to happen as kids receive gifts from other people.  They also outgrow or lose interest in things and stuff just sits.

To keep the stockpile at bay I try to declutter stuff around the holidays and birthdays.  I go through my kid’s room and the playroom, starting with the obvious, toys that are too young for them.   In my recent purge, I greatly reduced the baby rattles and teething rings since my youngest and last is 2.  My son is 8 and I got rid all the costumes he outgrew.

There are certain toys that may be harder to get rid of.  Like the ones that have been collecting dust, but as soon as your kids see them in the donation box all of a sudden it’s their favorite.  How do you deal?

I think my older children are old enough to realize they don’t need to hold onto everything so I explain to them it’s good to give toys away to others who are in need.  They are getting to be receptive to that idea.

Other times I have them select toys that I will sell and they get to keep the money to save or buy something new.

If there are things they absolutely can’t part with but I know they will never play with I usually tell them we can keep it for another month.  If they play with it regularly they can keep it, if not then it goes.  Usually, they forget about the toy and I sneak it out of the house.

For my toddler, I just declutter during nap time.  Out of sight out of mind!

Now I don’t get rid of everything that doesn’t get used.  I still hold onto toys that have special meaning or hold sentimental value.  My 8-year-old absolutely loves soccer and has since he was a baby so I’ve held onto his first soccer-related toys.  My 6-year-old daughter is starting to outgrow certain dolls but I’ve kept her favorite doll she carried everywhere with her from age 2-4.  My oldest kids no longer do the easy puzzles but I’ve saved those for my youngest to grow into.

Simple Toy Bin Ideas

There are so many toy bins out there to fit any storage need.  Find the ones that work for you!  To help give you some inspiration and to keep costs low I’ve round-up some of the best deals currently out there.  Check them out:

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I hope these bin ideas help simplify and provides a solution to your toy storage situation. Now get yourself some bins, toss the toys in there and you’re all set!

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  • Kirsten

    Bins are a lifesaver! I’d love to hear how you divide your toys up. We’re about to redecorate my 9-year-old’s bedroom, and I’m struggling to decide what kind of organizational system would be best. She loves art, so we have lots of beads, yarn, paint, etc., etc.

    • admin

      I take stock of the size of the toys and the amount we have to determine and organize bins. Like we have a lot of legoes so that goes into one. My daughter has a variety of shopping that goes in a smaller one.
      I didn’t mention it in the post but Ikea has a great bin thing with different size bins that pull out like drawers. We store our craft things in here. It’s perfect, paper and books go in one, markers, paint, glue in another, and yarn and bulky things go in a larger one.
      Hope that helps!

  • Jill

    We are in serious need of some toy decluttering and organization. These are great tips! It’s a great idea to get rid of toys around the holidays and birthdays.

  • shan

    These are such wonderful storage item finds for sure. I love organizing and it’s amazing what a few of these solutions can do to make the home be cozier and less cluttered.