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How To Give With Purpose: A Guide To The Best Gifts With Lasting Impact

Givers and receivers, we all have been on both sides of the gift-giving equation. As givers we want the recipient to like what they got but don’t know where the gift ends up.  As receivers, we’ve been given items that, while we appreciate the gesture, it ends up in the back of the closet.  As you create your lists this holiday season why not dig deeper and think about giving with purpose so the gift is meaningful.  Give a gift that holds a person’s interest and is used over an over again.  Present something that helps make life better.  Below are helpful tips on how to give with purpose and  a guide to the best gifts with lasting impact.

Don’t give a gift that will just get tossed to the side!

meaningful gift ideas

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How To Give With Purpose–Think Of Who, What And Why

When it comes to giving a gift with purpose it’s essential to think of the recipient first.  The gift ideas at the end of this post are not one-size-fits-all. To give a gift with lasting impact there needs to be a purpose behind it. Cookbooks about grilling meat is a great idea, but not if you’re giving it to someone who is vegan.  Getting a gift certificate to go sky-diving is neat, but not if the recipient is afraid of heights.


When you think “what am I going to get this person?”  Think about who they are.  What are there preferences?  What do they have a lot of already, or don’t have much of?

Getting someone a gift that fits who they are as a person is giving with purpose.

What And Why

Next, think about what and why you want to get something for somebody.  How do you figure that out?  Recall comments they might have said.  Have they expressed a desire to try something new or pick up a new hobby?  Has the person said something like, “I really could use that” or “I wish I had this?”  Does the person say things, “I really need to get better at…but don’t know how?”

Honing in on these comments can help you narrow down what to give and why.  If you haven’t talked to the person in mind in while it’s time to give them a call to catch up on life.

Knowing why you are giving a particular gift for a particular person is giving with purpose.

meaningful gift ideas

The Best Gifts With Lasting Impact

Below is a list of gifts that can have a lasting impact on the recipient.  As I curated this list I thought of the word impact, which means to have a strong effect on someone or something, and looked for items that helped bridge the gap between who, what and why.

Some of these gifts are also crafted with love and care, created by artists, authors and sellers that I know personally.  They love what they make and sell which makes buying the gift very special.

This list is for both kids and adults.  The items are for those people who want to make changes or improvements in their lives.  These gift ideas are helpful resources for those who want to dig deeper into areas that are good for their heart and soul.  They also can bring encouragement, makes life easier and healthier.

Children’s Gospel Catechism

This great gem of a book is for both kids and their parents.  Illustrated by my friend and talented artist Rebecca Ely and written by her husband Jace, the colorful illustrations, scripture references, and question and answer format of this catechism have been prayerfully designed to introduce children to foundational truths of the great Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Families will enjoy reading and growing with this catechism for years to come!

Beginner Piano and Portable Keyboard

Have a budding musician in your life?  Why not give them the gift of music?  This idea is a little bit personal for me, maybe it will move you to get your little one a piano.

When I was 7 we had this Christmas record with a song called “Chris the Christmas Tree.”  There was a pretty piano interlude I loved listening to it and would pretend to play the little ditty on the table.  One day I started crying because I loved the song and wanted to know how to play the piano.  I got a little keyboard for Christmas.  I went on to take piano lessons for 10 years and still play to this day.  Getting that little keyboard opened up a whole new world for me.

Overcoming Clutter With Jenny Welsh

If you know someone who has expressed wanting to create a home environment they love and live in a comfortable space this is the book to give!  Author Jenny Welsh, the blogger behind www.homeafterthree.com,  created a 5 step system that helps turn home into a place that refreshes, rejuvenates and is relaxing to be in.

She provides an easy to follow a framework that helps readers clear the clutter and reorganize spaces so that they can spend less time cleaning and stressing and more time living and relaxing.  When your home is organized in the way you like it you’ll be able to save time and focus on the important things in life like family.

I have followed Jenny and her tips and she has greatly helped me make simple changes in my abode.  I have found her ideas give purpose and flow to the way I organize things.  Decluttering has been very freeing and it’s nice coming home to a place that my whole family enjoys.  It’s less chaotic and messy!  Plus her tools are so easy to implement.

If this sounds like a great gift idea for yourself be sure to let the gift giver in your life know!

You can check it out and order the ebook here: https://homeafterthree.com/overcoming-clutter/


Five Dollar Meal Plan Service

This could be a great gift for yourself or someone you know who wants to provide great meals for her family but is short on time for planning and getting recipes.  Another great blogger, Brenda at www.brendalovessharing.com shared this lovely meal planning service with me and it’s only $5 a month!  How great is that, compared to a lot of other meal planning services that are a lot more.

You can check out more information here:  https://5dollarmealplan.com/join-today-family/?ap_id=brendalovessharing

For just $5 a month you get weekly plans, recipes and shopping lists.  Recipes keep budgets in mind, are family friendly and offer a wide variety of food.  Gluten-free options are also available.

What busy mom wouldn’t want to be relieved from having to make shopping lists?

$5.00 Meal Plan Service

Inspirational Bracelet

The days are long but the years are short.  Being a mom can be tough work and sometimes all we need is a simple reminder that we are doing a great job.

Affirm all of the doubting moms out there with this beautiful ‘It is Well With My Soul” bracelet, sold on Etsy by SM Made.

Sometimes a simple reminder throughout the day is all that’s needed to be encouraged.  What a lovely gift that is to have.

It Is Well With My Soul by SM Made

The Gift Of Health With Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way to keep illness and stress away.  With cold and flu season upon us, why not check out the great products to give to friends and family.  From oils, aromatherapy products, lip balms, and diffusers there is sure to be something for someone on your list.

Homes will smell great, kids will stay healthy and moms will be stress-free with Young Living Essential Oils.  If you are in need of a consultant my friend and Young Living Essential Oils specialist, Stacey will be happy to answer your questions and place an order.  You can contact her at staceywisewhite@gmail.com!











Health And Wellness Membership

Do you know someone who is motivated and wanting to improve their health and wellness or get in shape with exercise and eating right?  Consider gifting them a 6-week online program with, Faster Way To Fat Loss.  With this program, women’s lives will be transformed with easy yet effective fitness and nutrition strategies.

You can workout in the comfort of your own home with the support of a coach but also be surrounded by an encouraging online community of other participants.  You will also be given a meal plan and recipes with healthy and delicious recipes.  The idea is not to count calories or monitor weight on the scale.  The focus is learning to eat with overall nutrition in mind.

My friend and coach Aubrey Borba has been helping women succeed in becoming fit and healthy.  The results are amazing!  You can sign up with Aubry here! 

As you think about the people in your life that you will be giving to, I hope these tips and gift guide will help you know how to give with purpose and find the best gifts with lasting impact.  If you’re looking for additional gift ideas for guys be sure to check out this post, a gift guide for guys for under $40!

When you give with purpose you will be giving a gift with lasting impact.

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  • D

    Hi Betsy, I totaly agree with you about buying a gift that is more meaningful and to try to get your family and friends something they need or will actually use and like. I, just like you have a method of planing out my gifts for each person that has helped me in the past for gifts. I am using this plan (I have it up on my blog if you would like to check it out) along with some of your suggestions too, to buy my Christmas gifts this year. Thank you for expanding my knowledge on this topic.

    D, xo || from https://livedreamcreate-d.com

  • Denise

    This is a great read that reminds us to stop and put a little thought into our giving this season, more than often people give what makes them happy without taking into considerations most of the questions you answered.

  • Amy @ Orison Orchards

    I love all of these thoughtful ideas! I can tell you put a lot of thought into curating this list. Piano lessons and a piano are one of the absolute best gifts we have given our own children. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

    • admin

      Thanks! I think the gifts that keep on giving are the best. My son just started lessons last year and he’s been loving it so far.