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Where Have I Been, Where Am I Going: A Blog Update

Oh hey! How’s it going? It’s been a while since I’ve written a post here. I haven’t neglected this website, I’ve just been doing a few things behind the scenes. Like what you may be wondering? I switched site hosting providers and migrated my content from one company to another. I also joined a blogging team and have been writing posts for that. (I’ll share those posts with you as soon as they are up and running.)More importantly, though I’ve been focusing on taking care of my family.

As much as I love you guys, my faithful readers, and having a space to share and write, I felt like my family was taking a back burner. Here’s the a little background story:

Where I’ve Been

There is this whole other side to blogging that I was not prepared for when I first started out, namely promoting my stuff and trying to drive traffic to my site. If you have ideas to share you have to get it out in the world and you want readers to come to you. A lot of bloggers join blogging facebook groups where they can share links to their website. Bloggers also get on other social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to get readers.

There is a science behind all of these venues to get traffic. Like what? Creating pin worthy pins with the perfect image, title, and descriptions. Optimizing blog posts with the best keywords to get picked up by search engines. Posting an image on IG that has the right hashtags to draw people in. Making Facebook posts that connects with and engages audiences.

Once you do all of that then you have to schedule all of these things to get posted at the optimal time. There are services that you can pay to automate everything. I don’t have the income for that yet, so I have been doing everything manually.

One a regular day I spent my time pinning my own blog post pins to my own boards, plus pinning TO about 5 group boards daily amd FROM 5 group boards, along with 5-10 related pins from other bloggers to my boards. This required maintaining a spreadsheet, searching, looking and pinning at several times throughout the day.

For Facebook groups, I followed their promo schedule, and picked 1-2 threads daily on 5-6 of these groups where I could engage and share my things in exchange for sharing other bloggers content. Which meant more pinning, commenting, or sharing posts.

Then there were my own daily tasks for blog maintenance, like writing new content, researching topics, reading blogging tutorials or answering readers comments.

After all of that, I pretty much did not have time for doing laundry, making dinner and playing with my kids.

Something had to give.

So I took a step back. But I don’t want to quit.

Where The Blog Is Going

So in addition to everything I’ve mentioned I’ve been doing in the first paragraph, the main thing I’ve been doing is thinking. Thinking about where I want to take this blog. And I’ve been painting. I have some ideas, but I am not going to take concrete steps until I have a better feel for what I want to do.

I do know I want to help others through my blog. But what that looks like I don’t know yet.

I like the idea of turning my schooling counseling curriculum into content to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.

I’m considering creating parenting resources for moms and for families experiencing autism. Setting up a printable store sounds interesting.

I’m loving my recent furniture refurbishing projects. Maybe I’ll restore furniture and sell that. Check out my Restoration Hardware knock-off! Only $100 for the buffet and stain!

So those are some ideas I’m mulling over in my head. It’s been a nice break. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel and it was time to get off. I don’t miss that wheel.

I know I probably was going about getting traffic to my blog all the wrong way so I know when I do get back at it I’m going to find a better approach.

One thing I have started over on my Facebook page that has been fun and meaningful is starting daily posts for moms I’m calling Daily Encouragement For Daily Struggles. I share struggles that pop up into my daily life and share them with other moms. Rather than sitting in my problems I try to find a bright spot and share that too. Motherhood is hard work and we all need encouragement right? You can follow along here:

Abundant Full Life Facebook Page

My next blog post will be a round-up of several of those Facebook posts.

So that’s a little life update on where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, and where I’d like to go. Thanks for hanging in there with me and thanks for reading!

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