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Helping Moms Find Encouragement In Their Struggles

Over on my Facebook page, check it out here, I started a fun project called “Daily Encouragement For Daily Struggles.” We all face struggles as moms and we all could use encouragement. When we are down in the trenches sometimes it’s easy to stay buried in the depths. We may feel alone and isolated. The bright side with having trials though is that it presents an opportunity for growth. Rather than get stuck in the dark moments I wanted to share my struggles with other moms and the encouragement that can be gleaned from those struggles. Here is a roundup of some of my favorite posts to help moms find encouragement in their daily struggles.

The Struggle With Balancing Work And Play

When To Play With Our Kids…

Helping moms find encouragement in their struggles

My 2-year-old has discovered the question “play with me, Mommy?” I must admit I’d like to put her off most times. For the longest time, I didn’t like playing with my kids. Maybe because as a former play therapist it felt like work. Other times my to-do list was nagging me or I found playing to be boring.
Changing my mindset and scheduling my tasks around playtime has helped a lot! I’ve discovered playing with them is like a window into their minds and so neat to see what they are thinking, which makes it more enjoyable than before.

When To Focus On Work

Helping moms find encouragement in their struggles

There are days where we may have more tasks to attend to or our children are a bit more clingy.
Case in point, today I’m painting my kitchen and dining room, so yeah don’t have much time for kids. Thankfully they are at Grandma and Grandpa’s for a little bit. But when they are around I think keeping them occupied with things they enjoy along with guilt-free screen time helps.

The Struggle With Things Not Going As Planned

Helping moms find encouragement in their struggles

Have you ever been excited to do something special with your child only to get it shot down by them? Talk about disappointment and wanting to say “why bother!”
Yes, it’s discouraging but try not to take things personally. Kids live in the moment and have fleeting ideas. Perhaps they just weren’t in the mood or needed a nap. Instead of walking away find the teachable moment. Perhaps working together will lead to a better time than originally planned.

The Struggle With Saying Something We Regret

Helping moms find encouragement in their struggles

Have you ever been in the chaos of motherhood hear, yourself say something, and as the words come out of your mouth you say in your mind, “why did I say that?”
Like the discipline didn’t fit the crime. The solution to the problem negatively impacts others that shouldn’t. The idea just sounds crazy.
Then the mental struggle sets in. ” I need to follow through on what I just said.” “If I take back what I said then the kids get their own way or they know I can be easily persuaded.”
Is there a way out? Yes! Just because we flubbed up our words doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. We can still turn the situation around without sacrificing our parenting credibility. It’s the perfect opportunity to show our kids that moms make mistakes too.
God blessed us with wisdom. If you feel like you said something that didn’t make sense or sounded unreasonable tap into that wisdom. 
Take a minute to pause.
Take a minute to think. What should I have said instead? What would have been a better response?
Take a minute to explain.
“After thinking about ABC I realized I should have said XYZ not 123 because… I’m sorry to confuse you. The new plan will be…”

The Struggle With Never-ending Chores

Helping moms find encouragement in their struggles

Do you feel like the housework is never ending? Of course, it doesn’t stop. But does it drive you crazy when you spend time getting the house in order and then the kids just treat it like a garbage can? Cups on the floor. Used sucker sticks stuck on chairs. My favorite, Kleenex next to the trash, not in it.
I lost it because I felt like my house just blew up. As I was in the middle yelling out all of the messy things I saw that were out of place it occurred to me that my kids didn’t have any regard for my cleaning because they really don’t have to lift a finger. Well, they do to some extent, but their chores are rather simple.
My kids eat the bread of idleness. Yet, as their mom, I realized that I need to do better at teaching them responsibility and pitching in. Part of my role with looking well to the ways of my household is by assigning my kids chores. I may not eat the bread of idleness because I am so busy picking up after everyone. Yet my busyness produces idleness in them.

The Struggle With Wanting To Give Up

Helping moms find encouragement in their struggles

One of my kids is strong-willed. The more I hold my ground the more they don’t back down. Ya gotta have a strong backbone with these kids. I think mine is as thick as an oak tree now.
So back to the drawing board of prayer. Back to the filling station to fill up on patience because my tank was empty. As I waited on the Lord to fill me up I got an extra treat from the convenient store too. Not a candy bar. I got filled up with hope.
God entrusted this persistent kid into my care. Surely He will help me with getting through to him. I rejoice in that.
Raising kids is hard. But we aren’t alone. When we want to be done with our kids God raises us up so we can keep raising them. 

Struggles come in all shapes and sizes for us moms. From issues with raising our kids to dealing with our own thoughts and responsibilities, struggles are a part of motherhood. Even in the darkest problems though there is light, we just need to look for it. I hope these posts on daily encouragement for daily struggles helps you in your motherhood journey.

Daily encouragement for daily struggles for moms

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