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“There is no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.”–Jill Churchill

Do you ever wish there was a motherhood how-to manual and tools to have on hand that can help you with mom related challenges?  Then this blog is for you!  Perhaps you feel stuck, unsure, alone, or just need a little encouragement because being a mom is hard!  This blog is for you!  Maybe you find yourself thinking “sorry baby but I’ve never done this before.”  This blog is for you!  If you fall into any of these descriptions or any other parenting related difficulty and you find yourself looking for help then that makes you a good mom!  Why? Because it shows you care and love your kids and you want to learn how to raise them in the best way possible.  This blog is for you, to help you learn about the million ways to be a good mom because there is no way to be a perfect mother.

If you are looking for extra mom support, encouragement or guidance then you’ll feel the love here.  As you read through my posts you will find inspiration and help to many common and not so common problems that mamas face.  My posts will be written in a way so you can learn how to assess a situation or issue, map out a plan that tackles the issue and implement practical tools as it relates to the situation at hand.  With this formula, you will know how to handle any mommy problems that come this way.  I like to call it a three-pronged approach to parenting.  Assess the situation. Make a plan.  Implement the tools.  I used these three steps in my work as a therapist and applied these techniques as a parent.  So whether you’re reading posts about self-care, prepping kids for the first day of school, creating a routine, or dealing with infant loss you will be empowered to move through your mothering journey with this 3 pronged approach in your back pocket.

As I stated previously I am a therapist and a mom.  Being a therapist sure has come in handy for parenting. My kids have proven to me that my counseling techniques don’t always work however so I’m always continuing my education.  Professionally I have my masters in school counseling and my resume includes working with kids with autism, school counseling, crisis counseling, academic advising returning adult grad students and mental health therapy.

Personally, I’ve been married for 10 years and am a stay at home mother with an 8-year-old son and 2 daughters ages 6 and 2. I’m also a daughter of Christ. I’ve been a first-time mom living in a city away from friends and family.  I’ve dealt with my husband’s unemployment while being a SAHM and pregnant with baby number 2. I lost my 3rd baby (a girl named Rena) to stillbirth and felt the joy of bringing home a rainbow baby. I’ve juggled part-time jobs while staying at home. I’ve run a few half marathons, tried my hand at painting furniture, sing at church and like to buy and sell things online. Through it all, I’ve survived tantrums, dirty diapers and sleepless nights.  But motherhood is more than that.  I’ve felt the deep love and joy that only children can bring.

With all of the things I’ve done in my career and experienced in my life I thought, why not teach and lift up other moms in their mothering journey?

2 Corinthians 9:8 (ESV) And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.

I chose Abundant Full Life for the blog name because I hope, through it, my readers can feel that their life is abundantly full as they tackle and overcome their problems.  Abundantly full of love, confidence, grace and sufficiency.   And as you live abundantly full lives you will be able to live fully on less, less worry, strife, and insecurities.

It is my hope I can connect with you, serve you, and grow with you through this blog.   I hope to learn from you too so together we can learn what it means to have an abundant full life.

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